Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cards and a couple of Cans (At Auction 2017).

Some fine vintage cards have appeared at auction recently. Probably more popular than book collecting -  rare vintage cards attract much attention and appropriate prices.
Foxton lift & locks. £19German pris
Basingstoke Canal. £30
Round Hose
Thames & Severn Canal.£43
P1010151dLeighton B
Grand Junction.Boats Monarch & Mary. £18.
gas engine
Thorneycroft Gas Engine trial boat. £56.
Stoppage & dewatering Paddington basin. £34.
hillmorton £52
Early view. £52.
Limestone barges Caldon £62
Limestone barges.Caldon £62
Flyboat Rufford £59
Flyboat at Rufford £59.
Good prices are always paid for boat close up’s but none of the above come close to the record paid for a very early card showing a boat locking down from the detached portion of the Stroudwater canal into the River Severn which sold for £156 at auction in 2012.

'Vintage' Buckby Cans occasionally appear in the salerooms and again attract good prices.  

This can believed to be painted by Dennis Clarke at Nursers/Barlows yard at Braunston fetched £410.

A superb can from a lady (Judy Baker) renowned for her 'Braunston style' and dating from the 1970's realised £107.

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