Sunday, 5 June 2011

Engraving of the week

rush cutting038
'Rush Cutting' - From Life on the Upper Thames (1875).

Rushes on the Thames were usually cut in the month of August and were used in the cooping (barrel making) trade, for the seats of chairs ,in basket making and for the poorest sort of thatching.
The rushes were tied in bundles called bolts and were then left to dry for 3 weeks before being stored. In 1875 a bolt cost 1 shilling (10p).
The rush was occasionally grown in plantations, the seed being sown in the flam (soft oozy ground) and then being allowed to grow for 6 years before harvesting, the crop being cut every alternate year.
                                                           rushes drying039


Juerdy said...

Very interesting Mick.

Juerdy said...

I note with interest that you might be selling your boat? As it is such a 'complete' boat,I am sure this will arouse a lot of interest?
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