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‘Give Him a treat’ Barge Women of the Midland Canals.1944.

Bss photo Streamline 2029
Give him a treat and maybe some of this...

Bss photo Streamline 2029
Nothing like a nice SPAM fritter to take your mind off…………
So on to more serious things but remember !!!
Bss photo Streamline 2030
With reference to yesterdays blog about the items on EBay I was prompted to look at my collection of wartime items and discovered that I had never blogged about this wartime Picture Post article (the one that is for auction on EBay at the moment).

All the above ad’s appeared in a 1944 edition of Picture Post which appeared a couple of weeks after the allied invasion of Europe started.
The magazines main preoccupation of course was with the invasion, with articles such as The First Man to Land in France and What it feels like to Invade but amongst the other news there is an interesting article on the training scheme for boatwomen or ‘Idle Women’ as they became known.
The article covers two pages with a small amount of text describing a typical working day together with seven photographs.
Bss photo Streamline 2032Daphne French is the trainer and Mary Andrew and Susan Blood the trainees.Bss photo Streamline 2031
I’m not sure where the photos were taken but obviously on the G U – (London area ?)somewhere. The caption to the article states ‘Barges on the Midland Canal’ which confuses things a little. Could be on the G U towards Brum I suppose. I thought at first that the photo above might have been taken near the Globe Inn at Linslade but then realised that there is what looks like a winding hole or basin on the off side so that put paid to that theory. If anybody knows please leave a comment.
Bss photo Streamline 2032 
To those not familiar with the famous ‘Barge Ladies’ story ; my ‘Wartime Ephemera’ blog of November 2110 will tell you a little more or better still read the first hand accounts of the ladies wartime lives afloat in ‘Maidens Trip’ by Emma Smith and ‘Idle Women’  by Susan Woolfitt both of which are still in print I think.


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Martin said...

Lovely cuttings, I recently read Maiden's Voyage, a wonderful book that has helped reawaken my childhood love of canals and narrowboats.