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‘Bibliography of British Canals 1623-1950’ by Mark Baldwin and some recent finds.

Mark Baldwin’s bibliography has been an indispensible guide to many collectors of English waterway literature ever since its publication in 1984. It is I think the most comprehensive survey of English waterway books published from the earliest times up until the start of ‘the new canal age’ in 1950.Canals A New Look

It was contained within the book ‘ Canals A New Look’  and as far as I know has never been published elswhere. Also and as a bonus it contains a separate Bibliography of European Cruising 1833-1939  as well as a ‘Bibliography of Charles Hadfield’s published work’. So there you have it -  all the reference sources you need as well as other interesting articles in one volume. No excuses for not owning one either,as it is easily available on the secondhand market for as little as £3 or £4.

In my years of book collecting I have come across several books  or editions of books which are not mentioned in the bibliography and I can only imagine that Mark chose not to include them for some reason or, and this is I feel more likely - was unaware of their existence at the time of his compilation.
So for the benefit of other collectors who may not know them either, I list them below and roughly in the categories that were used by Mark Baldwin. They are nearly all fictional works published before 1950.
Fictional works inspired by George Smith (The so called ‘Moral Tales).
Palmer, F.  ‘Silent Highways – A story of Barge Life.London: J F Shaw, ND c1881, Frontis, 192pgs, pub cat.
F C F, Over There – A Story of Canal Life’. London: Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. ND c1889, Frontis, 94pgs, pub cat. (With an appreciation to George Smith on final page – ….funds will be gratefully received by Mr George Smith, The Cabin, Crick,  Rugby). Later editions of this book have the authors name given – F C Fanshawe. 
Mount, Adela Francis. Robin Dear – A story of Canal Life’. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. ND c 1903, Frontis,  162pgs, Illus 2pl. pub cat.
Further details and some cover photos of these books at -http://canalbookcollector2.blogspot.com. –Part3.
Childrens Fiction.
Philps,A D. Waif and Gypsy’. London: Sunday School Union. ND c1893.Frontis,13pl,pub cat. (Another moral tale partly set on Bridgewater canal).
Morris, Alice Talwin. ‘Our Holiday on a Barge’ London : Blackie. N D but c1911. 40pgs. Illus. For younger readers.
Wilson,Theodora T. ‘Jim’s Children –A tale of town country & canal’  London : Blackie. ND but c1912. 247pgs. Frontis. Illus (Set on the Lancaster canal).
Harrison, F B. ‘Littlebourne Lock’  London:  Blackie. ND but 1892. 282 pgs,Frontis, 1 plate. pub cat. (Set on Thames).
‘Mrs Molesworth’. ‘Us’  London: Macmillan. 1885. 240 pgs, Frontis, illus by Walter Crane, Pub Cat.  (Partly set on canal).
Harborough, Mark. ‘Fossil the Scout’. Oxford University Press.1933. 255 pgs, Frontis, illus. ( The first canal adventure story of the modern period.The first to have decorated endpapers illustrating a canal map. An important book).
Blyton, Enid. ‘The Saucy Jane Story’. London: Lutterworth Press. 1947, 79 pgs, Frontis, Illus. (Canal story for younger readers).
Thomas, Bert. ‘A Trip on a Barge’. London: Pictorial Art. ND c1946, 31pgs, Illus (The first UK canal book to be illustrated in ‘Comic Art’ style. For younger readers. Authentically set on G Union canal). An important book & not in Copac.
Books with editions not noted by Mark Baldwin.
 Reade, Amos. ‘Life in The Cut’ . London: Swan Sonnenschein. 1888. 343pgs, Frontis.  (This must be the First edition as Baldwin gives only the 1889 edition which was a yellowback)
Anon. ‘The Waterway to London’ London: Simpkin. 1869. Frontis,96pgs,illus, maps. (A cheap ‘Yellowback type’  edition priced at 1 shilling, with thin card decorated illustrated cover published in the same year as the first edition noted by Baldwin) .
Adult Fiction.
Hartley,J. ‘Seets I Yorkshire…..or Grimes Comical Trip from Leeds to Liverpool by Canal’. London: Nicholson. 156 pgs. Pub Cat.ND but c 1890 . (A cheap yellowback in dialect.)
Adcock,Almey St John. ‘The Street Paved with Water’ London: Hodder & Stoughton.ND but 1930. 318pgs, (Set on Grand Junction Canal).
Smith,Emma. ‘Monkey Barges’ London: Phoenix House. ( A short story by Emma Smith of ‘Idle Women’ fame.Her first canal story after she left the boats & contained in  ‘Modern Reading –16’ published in 1947.
  Early childrens comic books.
Goodwin,Dave. ‘The Boy Barge Owners – AStory of Canal Life’. London: Amalgamated Press . 1909.120 pgs. In ‘The Boys Friend Library’ series.
Goodwin, Dave. ‘Dave The Barge Boy –A Tale of England’s Waterways’.London: Amalgamated Press. 1910. 120 pgs. In ‘The Boy’s Friend Library’ series.
Anon. ‘All Aboard A Barge’.  London: John Leng. 1932.39 pgs, Illus. (For young readers and published in ‘Fairyland Tales No 553 .’

Details & photos of most of these books can be found in canalbookcollector2.blogspot.com or in my main blog. If you are looking for any of these or any other books try - BookFinder.com

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