Friday, 16 December 2011

A Merry Christmas to all.


Compliments of the season to everyone and a quick blog. I have not been able to ramble on about my books since the summer as I sold my beloved boat in July and my collections had to go into storage. Life has been pretty hectic since then and I have been mainly preoccupied with finding somewhere to live. I have at last found a tiny secluded cottage not too far from family and friends and still in the countryside. I move my books in sometime in the new year.

I will miss the ‘cut’ but compensations include  having a garden and a bit more space. I can still boat as all my 3 kids have boats so its not too bad.

October was an eventful month as I journeyed to Holland to bring back a Dutch ‘Tjalk’ which my youngest son  had just bought. A really great trip from Utrecht down the Lek and Maas and estuaries to Stellandam and from there out into the North Sea and an adventurous trip down the Dutch and Belgium coasts in beautiful October sunshine. Off Dunkirk we turned to make the crossing to Ramsgate but bad weather after a couple of hours forced us to retreat and seek shelter at Calais which after battling some really rough seas all night we finally made at 5am in the morning.We had really left it too late in the year for any continuous spells of good weather so we had to leave the boat at Calais for a couple of weeks before a day produced calm enough seas for the boat to finally complete her trip to ‘Blighty’.

Again Best Wishes for Christmas & the New Year to everyone and to anyone who enjoys reading my stuff you can look forward to more of it sometime in the New Year!