Friday, 30 November 2012



I thought regular readers of my blog might be interested in some auction prices realised in a recent auction of original railway and canal share certificates.

It seems to be a very specialised field this and not one to which I personally subscribe but for those interested -----


Original Derby Canal Share certificate. £1000 (below estimate)


Gloucester & Berkeley Share certificate. £250 (below estimate)


Wey & Arun Canal. £180.


Huddersfield Canal.Estimate £200-£300 Not Sold or withdrawn.


Somersetshire Coal Canal. Estimate £150-£180.


Regents Canal. ?

In addition a Thames & Severn and a BCN certificate together with several railway certificates seemed a bargain with an estimate of £100-£150.

On the other hand a book containing 25 unused shares in the Grand Imperial Ship Canal fetched £580 which was twice the estimated price. The fact that the shares were unused and had never been issued is explained by the fact that the canal was never built !!.


Andy Tidy said...

Interesting - but like you it dosn't really float my boat. Actually, now I think about it I dont really worry about the quality of the book I buy because its the contents I am after. I guess that I am more an enthusiast than a collector.

Teebs said...

A fascinating pair of blogs, and some very informative posts!

However (and I hope you'll forgive me for posting this possibly on the wrong blog in the hope of catching your attention), perhaps you can help me in identifying a novel I read long ago:

As someone now in my mid-20s I grew up on school libraries full of dusty old hardbacks from the 60s and 70s, and loved them all. Among the collection were several novels set on canals - for example I definately remember reading 'The Narrow Boats' by Jane and Keith Dadds.

There is one novel though that eludes me, and perhaps you can help. I can't remember the title, but the basic plot involves a young man/boy who befriends two brothers of similar age who work on the canal - due to dire circumstance the two brothers are trying to work their families two narrowboats (a motor barge and a butty) solo, delivering an important cargo, and the protagonist decides to come with them and provide a third pair of hands (I honestly can't remember if he was running away from home or did so with permission) - the novel details their adventures on the canal system and culminates with them attempting to navigate through a long, confined tunnel, only to find themselves nearly asphyxiated by the motor-boat's engine, at which point they are forced to 'leg' the two boats out.

Like I said, I remember reading and loving this as a child, but since then have not been able to recollect the title or much of the cover. Perhaps the brief description I gave above rings a bell with you?

Andy Tidy said...

Could it be A Boy off the Bank by Geoffrey Lewis?

dave said...

I am a collector and missed this auction. Can you tell me where it was please, I have reminders out there but missed this completely